Tomoe Kaneko

In 1994, Tomoe Kaneko became the first woman to obtain a Masters in Shakuhachi (Japanese flute) from the Tokyo University of Arts. While attending school, she studied under the late Mr.Yamaguchi Goro who was named a National Treasure.

She performed a lot, in abroad. for example ,Sweden and Turkey, Ireland, Finland, Australia, Vietnam, South Korea, and China. And in Japan, she performs in concerts or events of the famous producers, and TV and radio events a lot.

Recently, she plays with different genres of artists aggressively. For example, the collaborations have included famous arabic musicians in 2008.

She formed japanese traditional music unit named "AsakiYumemishi", and that released CD, named "AsakiYumemishi" and "Tsukiyono". In 2008, she dared the tour in 17 places in Japan with Miho Yamaji who is "Koto" player.

Now, she became one of the most famous woman Shakuhachi player around the world.